Tuesday, November 13

Mazlianul Maznan - Fall Collection

Everytime tengok design Mazlianul Maznan ni, surely akan melopong and sekarang ni dah jadi kerap pula stalk FB dia. MM is another talented local designer yang meningkat naik. 

I suka sangat with MM's collection sebab sangat simple yet still look classy dan elegant. But the item tersangat la limited. First come first serve. Tu yang membuatkan her design lebih exclusive.

These are my favorites:

So last month, Mazlianul Maznan ada open pre-order for Fall Collection and can place order within 1 hour je. Price pun boleh dikatakan agak reasonable. Berebut-rebut orang nak beli including me *wink*wink*

Here are the collections yang sangat eye-catching

Ms. Sweety - RM75

Ms. Luxe - RM130

Ms. Indie - RM90

Ms. Bold - RM90

And I was lucky dapat order Ms. Luxe in Dusty Purple. I was eager to get in Mustard color. Tapi dah sold out :( . Dusty purple pun macam comel juga. Can't wait for my item to arrive. 

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