Monday, September 17

JRaya by Jovian Mandagie available at Thepoplook

Semalam tak berkesempatan untuk pergi ke Royale Chulan untuk bersama-sama celebrate Jraya Day dan place a pre-order untuk Jraya collection. Rasa sangat kecewa and I really hoping that Jovian it will available online. 

Hanya ada 10 collection untuk Jraya ni tapi I sangat drooling tengok semua design dalam katalog ni. Semua nya cantik-cantik dan kalau I #Ninaismailsabri, memang dah beli semua design with all the colors available *verangan*

Well, it seems that my dream came true babeh! Jovian generously make it available and sell it online tru Thepoplook   . Oh my..oh my...I can't sleep last night bila Jovian make an announcement. Im truly am sexcited! hahha

Woke up at 8 something today, on lappy and decide which one to buy. Either Jerielle (loving the beads. I was so disappointed tak dapat Janielle last time so that's why I've been eyeing this design) or Jewel (pretty lace and a bow..suka bow dekat pinggang tu..looks classy and exclusive). Decision..decision... Both I memang minat sangat-sangat.

At 10am sharp, they release the design dan di sebab kan dah terlalu confuse which one to buy, I end up bought 2 pieces, Jerielle and Jewel. There is no hassle when shopping tru poplook as compare to Zalora. Sangat mudah, pantas dan efficient. I should control myself and stop shopping already -_-'

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