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Jezebel, Jeevana & Julia from Jovian Mandagie

Revealing full picture untuk collection terbaru dari Jovian Mandagie sempena Aidiladha nanti. The most wanted by Jovianista..Jezebel dan Jeevana!

Jezebel dan Jeevana

 Julia...baru diperkenal kan tadi oleh Jovian sendiri

*jaw dropping* Sangat cantek kan this new design. Definitely gonna save money for this gorgeous piece. Date of release remain secret. Pandai kan marketing dia. I adore u JM.

3 hari sebelum raya lepas, Jovian organized Jovian’s Boxing Day di ShangRi La, KL. He revealed the new collection only a few days before the big event. Such a genius marketing kan sebab buat orang ramai tertunggu-tunggu. But the 4th release ni agak mahal compare dengan release sebelum ni. Mostly RM300 and above. I was hoping for Jenelle to make a comeback masa boxing day..but tak ada. Instead, they replace with Janina yang lebih mahal. Janina punya design lebih kurang sama saja dengan Janelle only that kain je yang berbeza and the price mark up from RM280 to RM400 T_T .

A friend of mine yang sanggup teman me that day. Thanx for your company *touched*. The sale only start at 8am but I managed to arrived there seawal 7.30 pagi and I don’t surprise at all when see the lonnnggg queue. Ada yang queue seawal 3.30 pagi lagi *fengsan*. I queue dekat fast lane but the fast lane is not fast at all la Jovian. Even boxing lane lagi laju dari fast lane.
Just imagine setengah jam tunggu baru setapak je bergerak *facepalm*. And I waited 6 hours tau untuk masuk ke dalam. My wish list for Boxing Day, I nak dapat kan Jova beige and Janina pink. Tapi..within 1 hour they announced these 2 design dah sold out for my size  *sedih lagi* . So I have to change my order to Jadore and Jules.
Those mannequin in Jadore and Jova

Agak stress kena queue lame-lame ni sebenarnya.

So far, sistem pengurusan semasa Boxing Day tempoh hari agak teratur only that waiting time terlampau lama. Tak ada la scene berasak-asak, tolak-menolak dan rempuh-merempuh seperti yang terjadi seperti dekat First Lady dulu. I can’t ask for more.

I berjaya dapat masuk ke dalam pukul 1 lebih sebelum they stop for lunch break. Lucky me. Kalau tak kena tunggu lagi another hour. When my turn came up, I just serah kan my order list, helper will help to find the design, call me in, do inspection to the baju and I immediately pergi ke kaunter bayaran. I think that proses sangat pantas around 10-15 minit je. Tapi yang I paham kenapa yang lain amik masa yang lama sangat? Please la be considerate and decide awal-awal sebelum masuk dalam tu bukan bila dah masuk dalam baru nak pilih-pilih baju. tak lawa la..tak nak yang ni..nak tuka yang lain la..ffthhh. Then the helper yang sangat baik tu terpaksa cari baju yang lain pula. No wonder la kena beratur lama kat luar tu. Unless kalau baju tu yang bermasalah tak apa la. Bulan puasa pula tu. Memang geram dengan orang-orang yang macam ni.

Happy with the purchase that day. Ambil gamba dengan mannequin wearing Jova pun jadi la walaupun tak dapat Jova
Jadore and Jules berjaya berada dalam tangan. Satisfaction yo!

Full picture of Jules and Jadore.
Jatuh cinta dengan detailing. Even ramai yang puji baju ni lawa masa pergi beraya.

Yours truly in Jadore.
Thanks Jovian for being so generous and making Ready To Wear collection with affordable price to many others. I managed to have your 3 collections and feel like a princess when I wore them. I feel pretty too in them *ehem*. Looking forward and anxiously waiting for your other design. Now, Im proud to announce that im really addicted to your design and a big fan of you. But please..please maintain the price in the future ya!.
Here’s are some tips from the designer himself on handling Jovianrtw
dear ladies, im sure most of u have adorned your beautiful pieces of Jovianrtw, here's a little tips on how you can keep these pieces in good care/condition ;
1. All materials used is washable, they are cotton/silk synthetic which allows water and detergent come through it without any shrinking. Nevertheless, most on the pieces are made delicately with embroidery works & beads. Therefore, i think it is fair to treat your ensemble a lil special by sending them to dry cleaners.
2. WARN your dry cleaners that these are "EXPENSIVE" CLOTHING BY A RESPECTIVE DESIGNER! hence they need to know extra attention needed here. Tell them DO NOT mess up the bead works or any colour runs! if they would do that to your dress, better make sure they will be responsible on any damages.    
3. Wear em like a princess, don't go POCO-POCO with my dress and claim i didn't give good quality with your purchases, it is demi-couture ; couture inspired where most works are hand sewn, very very delicate! So if beads falls out half way during your open houses, please dont come to me and ask me to fix for you. It is wear & tear, we will not be responsible to that at all ladies. I'm truly sorry, but my advise to those who come across this situation, meet some good chinese Aso tailor to fix these bead works, they are all hand stitched. It requires a real simple stitching skills to fix them up.
4. JEMIMA, JASMINE, & JANISSA owners, these pieces are chiffon pleated treated material ; the pleats effect remains the same ONLY if you send for dry clean. If u machines washed it, it will be "out of bed" effect lah. hehe, Anyways, please send these pieces for dry clean and remind your laundry service to ONLY STEAM IRON them, if you ever iron it with the normal ironing machine texture will go off! if that happens, the pleats can never come back and we cant help you either.    
5. Juliette owners, you have purchased the MOST DELICATE piece from Jovianrtw this season. Yes the crystal strips is very sensitive and delicate that it may fell off easily. Im terribly sorry again if some may come out during your time wearing them but u gotta be extra careful! when it is pulled mildly, it ma came off. again my advise is meet some good chinese Aso tailor to fix these bead works, they are all hand stitched. It requires a real simple stitching skills to fix them up.
Other than that, i wish you all the best moment wearing my designs and hope this is not too much of a hassle and shall see you guys again soon for next collection! INSYA ALLAH if you all will keep on supporting me & the brand!    
Let’s berJovian bersama-sama masa raya ni! I would not feel awkward kalau nampak orang pakai design yang sama tapi sangat teruja dapat pakai baju daripada top designer. 

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  1. Beautiful. U ade gmbr lain dengan jadore n jules u look stunning


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