Tuesday, July 31

Calling all Jovian Ready To Wear Lover!

How was last night? Dapat grab tak baju raya from Jovian dekat Zalora? Super fast selling semalam dekat Zalora sampai ada yang dapat error masa nak add to cart, problem during checkout and ramai yang frustrated..fuhhh. Sold 100pcs in a minute. Jovian Mandagie madness this year.








And Jovian sendiri confirm akan ada 4th release which date still remain secret. Hope this would be the best collection among the rest. Let’s wait patiently for the new release.




Jadore is 1 of them..oh myyyy…*fengsan*




pssss….Whoever yang nak let go Jova (Navy blue) or Jules in XS please..please..please inform me. I really minat this 2 design tapi tak sempat nak beli dah abis T_T


304747_10151039610223926_976128899_nJules. I want this color



Jova in Navy Blue

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