Wednesday, June 6

Favorite blogshop – Agape Boutique

Benda baik ni better kita share sama-sama kan. One of my favorite online shop is Agape Boutique. You can find hundreds of shoes yang sangat menarik, unik dan rare dekat website ni. And the service sangat tiptop tau. But you can’t expect 100% perfect la kan from the shoes yang korang beli..maybe ada defect sikit-skit. But for me it is acceptable. I bought a wedges before and tersangat-sangat puas hati sebab selesa and berjaya membuat kan I nampak 10 kali lebih tinggi..woot..woot. Price pun agak murah and majoriti price range dalam RM50 and above.


533075_10150993988416064_137284284_n Sorry..tak ada pula gambar close up kasut. Im wearing wedges from Agape Boutique


I’ve been eyeing these shoes for quite sometimes..very tempting!

 SN2203 BLUE1 I love bright colors! This one RM52 je.




SN2259 RED1


SN1589 BLUE 

1866 YELLOW 




You can browse through their Agape boutique FB or website. I bet mesti uolls pun rambang mata nanti.


If uolls ada blogshop yang menarik mari la share sama-sama.

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