Friday, May 18

감사합니다 kamsahamnida





Dear readers/ friends,


Thanks for reading my blog. Ingatkan tak ada sapa sudi nak baca blog syok sendiri ni. Dah la jarang nak update. Everything I know I will put my effort to share here especially travelling tips *I like to write this the most!*.


Thanks for your support and please continue reading.


Next entry I nak sambung my Phuket tips yang dah lama pending ni :(.


My friend once told me:

It’s not how you get punched and fall, but how you get punched and get back up again fast is what makes you strong!


There’s no challenges that god gives and you can’t take it. That’s why you are being tested at a moderate state.


Thanks my dear friends. Thanks for helping me. Love you all..muahx!


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