Friday, August 26

Peeping hole in Metrojaya?

Ouh..this is scary…please be extra careful when changing cloths. That’s why I tak suka nak masuk fitting room untuk try baju. Macam-macam experience dah dengar sebelum ni dan tengok 3gp pun pernah..*opssss*. I just grab and pay terus.

My mum and my 14 year old cousin went to #metrojaya in Midvalley today. My cousin decided to try on some clothes and went into one of the changing rooms. Right after one of the male staff went into a room beside her changing room. My mum somehow felt something was amidst and called a salesperson and asked what that room was. She replied it was the storeroom. Mum then insisted for her to open it. She tried but it was lock, she then knocked and the door shortly opened. The salesman walked out casually with his phone in his hand. Mum insisted she wanted to have a look inside the room and found many holes in the wall which was strategically drilled to see a persons chest and crotch. She immediately called the floor supervisor and showed her the holes. She kept apologising and asked whether mum could identify the staff who was in the room.Mum managed to identify him but of course he denied and stated he was talking on the phone. Mum then told her to ensure no one is to use that changing room until the holes are filled and to check every changing room on every floor. Guys please forward this on. #Metrojaya management please take note what crap is happening in your departmental stores!!!!!!!

source from lowyat forum

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