Monday, May 30

Get your voucher now!

Hari ni tak tau I kena angin apa, dengan tamak nya telah beli sampai 2 spa voucher under milkadeal and mydeal website.

I rasa the price is quite cheap! Kalau tak, tak da la I sanggup beli sampai 2 voucher. Sebelum I bercerita pasal voucher ni, pernah dengar tak abour milkadeal and mydeal websites?

Well, both websites actually share the same concept. They provide promotion to customer at the cheapest price and customer boleh beli terus that voucher using your Credit Card or online payment. Tapi you have to grab the promotion cepat-cepat. Guna concept first come first serve basis. Once your payment successful, you will received the voucher, print the voucher and tunjuk kan voucher tersebut masa redeem nanti. Waa..senang kan..?

For first time Login untuk Milkadeal using facebook, you will automatically get RM5 and boleh terus guna untuk bayar any of your voucher.


I got the for only RM48! The package consists of Facial + massage+ Body Toning + Foot Soak + refreshment. Sape yang tak nak kan. For me, this is sangat murah. As I was reading along the details, this voucher can be claimed dekat Tini’s Spa Shah Alam service adalah selama 2 jam 30 minit. Facial (1 hour), Massage (45 minutes), Body toning (30 minutes), Foot soak (5 minutes). Im looking forward for body toning. Apa la rasa nya nanti kan. Tapi yang paling menariknya, it is using Dermalogica product!

Once you have make a paymanet, you will get the voucher just like below. Print and show this to them.


Cepat-Cepat, beli this deal! Tinggal 4 hari je lagi! Click here and you can search the offer dekat sebelah kiri.

Another deal yang I beli dari MyDeal website. First, you have to register to enjoy this privilege.


I bought another RM49 voucher also for spa..hehehhe…This can be redeemed at MeAmore Spa and Beauty di Bandar Baru Bangi. Agak jauh sikit dari KL . The package include sauna, facial, message, scrub. Great deal huh?
 voucher Ni voucher yang kene print tu. They will send this voucher via Email. about 186 people already bought this voucher.

Can’t wait for this coming weekend. Nak pergi pampering myself di spa. Cepat-cepat..don’t miss this promotion >_<


  1. u dah redeem meAmore spa voucher? how's that? ok x? I'm thinking to redeem mine this weekend

  2. hi aida
    i belum redeen meAmore..but already set appointment on 2nd july
    nnt jangan lupe share experience kat sane ye :)

  3. hi lyrin.. not sure to redeem this weekend or not.. if you redeem first, feel free to share in your blog ye :D

  4. @aida
    yerp..will share my experience here :)


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