Tuesday, March 29

My Wishlist

Jaw dropped! I’ve been eyeing this dress for quite sometimes. Isn’t it gorgeous. I suka sangat this dress because the material is made from satin with silk chiffon. It really emphasis your body feature. Tapi kalau ader lelemak yang tersentil memang tak sesuai pakai sebab it really doesn’t look nice ok!. I adore the neckline beaded halter strap. Menambahkan lagi exclusive this dress. Plus, they have my favorite color too..woot..woot


 DressFlowing. Terasa sangat glam!

I’ve been dying to have this one too. Tapi kene beli from oversees. How I hate waiting for weeks before I can get this dress.



Choose your style. They even have short and long dress.



Eve 2c_thumb[1]



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